Naish Universal Control System - Bom 2013 - ny

Helt ny bom från kända Naish med försträckta 25m linor. Anpassad för Park, Bolt, Ride och Fly från Naish men passar de flesta märken där alla fyra linor är lika långa vid max inskotning.

Pris 3999:- vid köp av endast bom.

Bom från Naish 2013 med 25m linor"The Universal Control System is a 4-line control system in an ergonomic layout. The front flying lines are connected at the lowest point possible to create a “low-v” configuration. This increases the differential in line lengths when initiating a turn so the kite responds faster to rider input. The interface swivel of the front lines keeps the lines straight and provides a front line flagging leash. The Universal Control System is the cleanest and most function-rich control system available.

Color-coded, thermo-molded EVA and embossed grip: Provides superior grip.

Precision asymmetrical grip: Allows the rider to feel the bar orientation immediately.

Ultra-soft Powerflex bar ends: Conforms to the outside of the rider's hand and integrates the floaters.

Vario bar end adjustment 18"-20" (45-51cm): A Naish exclusive. The Dupont Hytrel bar end incorporates an internal adjustment system. The Vario adjustment features a flush hook which streamlines the bar end. The rider simply uses their flying line to rotate the hook, which in turn modifies the apparent length of the control bar. Ideal for fast adjustment when changing bar length between strong and light winds.

Internal back line trimming: Keeps the exposed line as clean as possible.

Flared aluminum center hole: For minimal friction, easy turning and “bomber” durability.

Graduated trim line marking: Provides a visual position indication for the sliding bar stopper.

Sliding stopper: Travels over a fixed distance to optimize maximum depower.

Fool-proof connectors: Removes the possibility of wrong line connection with the kite.

Wide leash with “low force” quick release: Allows easy repositioning after handle passes.

Smart Loop with easy below-the-bar trimming

Auto-orientation Smart Loop

“Low-v” swivel front line connection

Through-the-bar spinning leash"